Do you know the humanity and Mother Earth keep surviving? If not, come along with me and we'll talk over it a little. Due to the God's mercy the humanity was created, got every opportunity of living happily and had survived. The only thing mankind had to do was to be kind, to spread kindness everywhere and be happy himself making happy other people. During his short stay on earth the God's son created kindness and Christianity, which spread love. Thousands of people followed that principle and made aim in their life to be good to every body.
The kindness grew and grew and so it covered all the evils, spread everywhere and all over the world. Most people began to help and feel for the sick, some of them helped the poor and people in need, the others began giving spiritual nourishment and filling souls with happiness and peace. So was in the past, so is at present and if it continues to the future the humanity will survive undoubtedly. Whenever we open the door of the Internet Computer Center, which was founded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, USA State Department and administrated by Project Harmony organization, we enjoy the sweet fruits of such kindness at our school. We are just surprised how many doors of wonders are opened before us. How our pupils and teachers are eager to deal with the computers, which became familiar to them! Is it little, this happy await, this joyfulness that our teenagers feel while dealing with the computers? It isn't little; people spreading good will just need it. And we are grateful heartily to these people with whom we are connected with Christian love and Brotherhood.