Charentsavan's 4th secondary school was opened in January 10, 1972. It consists of 3 subsidiary buildings for 964 pupils. On September 1, 1999 the school was named after Stepan Avanyan. With whose activities the history of Charentsavan's Mashine-tool factory is connected. The school has been kept well. It has a separate boiler-room, a gym hall and many large play grounds, modern techniques of computer communication. For a long time the school has been taking part in programs of many organizations such as Project Harmony, Pease Corps, ACCELS, JAA, IREX, UNDP, IFES, CCDI, Step by Step, Family and New World due to which the school has achieved a great success.

Sargis Musheghyan

Sargis A. Musheghyan

Was born in 1952 in February 28 in Leninacan city.He learnt and left local secondary school 3, had musical education attending violin section of musical school after Cara-Murza.
In 1974 he graduated from Mathematics faculty, Leninacan Pedagogical Institute named after M.Nalbandyan.
In 1986 he graduated from Computers Microprocessors faculty, Yerevan Polytechnical Institute named after K.Marks. Since 1974 he was working in Charentsavan School # 4, as mathematics and informatics teacher.
Since 1996 till now he has been working as a principal in the same school.

He takes an active part in many programmes carried out by some organization, besides he is the representative of IREX, one of two prinsipals in Kotayk region who leads directors' and administrative liaders' improvement course. He has two sons and four grandchildren.