Towns have their biographies as well as people. Towns also have their birth certificates and foundation dates. There was a tradition in ancient times: a new house was built in places sacrificed by fire and water. Water also brought life to our town.


Who could help that day there would be a town named after a great poet in the field of Crosses full of crazy winds. How the poet could suppose that one day a town called his name would appear in the map of the Republic of Armenia! How he could guess this name would get to many places in the country and the world as a production label and an industrial place! How he could imagine that the Curly-haired boy he had created would be the symbol in the form of a bronze statue! This great poet is Eghishe Charents after whom the newly created town, founded in 1948 was going to be called. On April 23, 1947 the history of Lusavan began with plunging the first stick. That day was the birthday of our town and the engineer Ruben Gevorgyan was the direct founder of it.

In 1953, after the construction of the Hydroelectric Power Station in Gyumush was completed, a great number of all union industrial factories were built and Charentsavan became an industrial town. Years passed and new people were born every newly coming day. Charentsavan lived, grew and got his face day by day. Today the population of our town is about 35000 inhabitants. There are 6 secondary school, a sport school, a music school, an art school, 8 kindergartens, and a machine-tool college Charentsavan.The city had its long-expected spiritual hearth-home, St.Amenaprkich monastry in July 21, 2001. The city has its Culture Centre, a cinema, a memory-hall devoted to Eghishe Charents, a hospital and dentist's clinic.There are two channels in town that provide informational right of the population. A rest-centre is set up with football stadium. Charentsavan consists of 6 districts and 2 sub-districts. And if you climb to the top of the hills you'll see the town's panorama with its picturesque and graceful totality.